Competitive Exhibits


Competitive Exhibits

Competitive exhibits are at the heart of the Arlington County Fair providing the opportunity for community members to showcase their own talents and gifts. The 2018 Arlington County Fair’s theme is “Small County, Big Fun!” to celebrate the our community and the interests and talents of all our neighbors!

Competitive Exhibits relies on dedicated volunteers to serve as superintendents, judges and general volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering with Competitive Exhibits at the 2018 Fair should complete this brief interest form.

Information and guidelines for each category can be found in the Competitive Exhibits Guide. Additional forms and materials are included below for faster download.

Congratulations to all our 2018 Competitive Exhibits Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions! We invite all fairgoers to join us Sunday, August 19 at 3:00 pm at our indoor stage for the 2018 Competitive Exhibits Awards Ceremony.

Department Award Name
1 Grand Champion Nathaniel Muller
1 Grand Champion Phyllis Russo
1 Reserve Grand Eliza Hall
1 Reserve Grand Rob Lee
2 Reserve Grand Stephanie Clifford
2 Reserve Grand Sam Booth
2 Reserve Grand Allison Jewell
2 Reserve Grand Jennifer Hart
2 Grand Champion Fiona Gibson
2 Grand Champion Zora Howard
2 Grand Champion Victor Perrote
2 Grand Champion Christina LeMaster
3 Reserve Grand Marrissa Albert
3 Grand Champion Lauren Brooks
3 Reserve Grand Liz Martin
3 Grand Champion Kathryn Boerckel
3 Grand Champion Maya Van Dyke
4 Reserve Grand Delilah Moore
4 Reserve Grand Evan Reilly
4 Reserve Grand Shae Dempsey
4 Reserve Grand Dominick Cocozza
4 Grand Champion Jane Morris
4 Grand Champion Cooper Kurg
4 Grand Champion Sasha Mkrtchyan
5 Reserve Grand Zack Danik
5 Reserve Grand Sami Wiriyotin
5 Reserve Grand Paine Gronemeyer
5 Reserve Grand Caroline Tucker
5 Grand Champion Emmett Smith
5 Grand Champion Maegan McBride
5 Grand Champion Jake Wiersberg
5 Grand Champion Ken Brotherton
6 Reserve Grand Judy Herhold-Driskel
6 Grand Champion Liya Murphy
6 Grand Champion Max Moore
6 Grand Champion Gladys Packett
7 Reserve Grand Annette Pigott
7 Grand Champion Mary Van Dyke