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Political Exhibitor Booths

Political organizations or individuals affiliated and representing a specific political party or promoting a general political ideology. Political Exhibitors may include education and opportunities for outreach that are political in nature.

Multi-level Exhibitor Booths

Independent distributors seeking to recurit additional sales people and promote a company’s products or services.

Commercial Business Exhibitors

Vendors affiliated with a Commercial Business planning for retail trade, service, professional, office, amusement, entertainment or a similar purpose
Civic Community Exhibitors Booths

Civic organizations or groups of individuals joined together to provide a services or services to their community. Non-profit organizations are considered civic associations, and may include charities, foundations, social welfare, advocacy groups, professional trade associations, and religious groups.

Arts and Crafts Exhibitors Booths

Exhibitors selling, marketing, and advertising personally hand-crafted merchandise, arts and crafts. Arts and Crafts exhibitor applications are reviewed by the Arlington County Fair Board of Directors prior to approval.